YMAA Legends introduction

In 1980, Dr. Yang moved to Houston to work for Texas Instruments and also founded Yang’s Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, now under the direction of his disciple Jeffery Bolt. In 1982, he moved to Boston and founded Yang’s Martial Arts Academy. In 1984, he gave up his engineering career to devote his time to the research, writing, and teaching of Chinese martial arts. YMAA Publication Center was founded on January 1, 1984 with the goal of producing superior books and instructional videotapes on Qigong and Chinese martial arts. In 1986, Dr. Yang moved YMAA to the Jamaica Plain area of Boston and established this location as Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA) headquarters. 

We will present you our YMAA Legends – people who created, help raise and grown YMAA International (in random order – depends of pictures and information availability).

The Legends:

Did you know that we practice a different QIGONG during each training session? Therefore, later you can choose the QIGONG for home training that suits you.