Tai Chi Ealing classes are highly promoted for its health benefits, similar to Yoga.
In deeper levels of Tai Chi, every movement of the sequence has a meaning, a proper alignment of the body, a pattern of breathing and an intention of the mind.
Learning and understanding the purpose behind each movement become more and more important as a student progresses into deeper, more advanced stages of training. At advanced levels, Tai Chi also becomes a complete martial arts system. Tai Chi can explain how to control your entire body, power and mental capabilities to a level you’ve never experienced before.
Tai Chi Ealing classes representing Tai Chi Chuan Traditional Yang style school YMAA Orientsport,  which is a branch of YMAA International. We offer a full Yang-style traditional syllabus, from beginners to advanced level. Enjoy learning this ancient Chinese holistic exercise in a friendly environment under Zibi Panasewicz.

Mondays (7.30pm-9pm)

Monday’s Tai Chi Ealing classes are focusing about relaxation, Qigong, Tai Chi long sequence.


Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Typical training include:
10-20 min. Qigong (Wai Dan Standing Meditation, Small Circulation, Tai Chi Ball)
30 min. practice the exercises from Tai Chi sequence
30 min. Tai Chi sequence training (practicing, corrections)

Thursdays (7.30pm-9pm)

Thursday’s Tai Chi Ealing classes are more about training with a partner (Pushing Hands, applications) and power training.


Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Typical training include:
15-20 min. power training
25 min. Tai Chi Ball
45 min. training with a partner (Pushing Hands, Applications, Fa Jing)
15 min. Tai Chi sequence training (practicing, corrections)

First session is FREE

Tai Chi Saber – every 2nd and 4th Monday (9pm-10pm)

Tai Chi Advanced – every 1st and 3rd Thursday (9pm-10pm)

General information:

Payments:  monthly payment is £35 (for once a week 1 hour 30 min. training), £60 (twice a week) or £15 per session. Annual membership: £50
Dress code: t-shirt, long sport trousers and shoes on soft sole, maybe trainers
Location: Gurnell Grove Community Hall, Gurnell Grove, Ealing, W13 0AQ
Instructor: Zibi Panasewicz, mobile: 07846938469, email: zibi(AT)orientsport.co.uk

Tai Chi Yang style

There are many different styles of Tai Chi. In YMAA you must learn the traditional Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan, which has 113 (or 108) forms. It is believed that the Tai Chi Chuan which YMAA practices originated with Yang, Ban-Hou.

Tai Chi BallTai Chi Ball Qigong training is an important component of proper Tai Chi Chuan practice. For martial artists, Tai Chi Ball Qigong training can strengthen the torso, condition the muscles, and increase physical power by using the mind to lead the qi. It can be a major training tool to enhance pushing hands ability.
For general exercise, Tai Chi Ball Qigong training helps those who might overly focus on ‘core body exercises’ to strengthen their hips, knees, and ankles. You will improve movement of the spine, increase energy through various breathing techniques, and learn to move many joints properly at different angles.

Upcoming Events

  1. Taiji Yin/Yang Symbol seminar and Fa Jing introduction

    April 27 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

About us


Ealing Tai Chi –
YMAA Orientsport

Gurnell Grove Community Hall
Gurnell Grove, Ealing, W13 0AQ
Instructor: Zibi Panasewicz
mobile: 07846938469
email: zibi(AT) orientsport.co.uk