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Zbigniew Zibi Panasewicz

school Director

Zibi started practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan in 1989 and soon he started assisting in training sessions at the Master Robert Was school, which is the East European YMAA HQ. Grand Master Yang Jwing-Ming certified Zibi’s own school in 2004 who’s continued teaching children (Young Dragons, 6-13 years old) and adults – Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan groups.

In 2006 his 15 year old student Karina Blaszkiewicz won 2nd place in International Polish Championship in semi-contact competition for girls up to 16 years old. Later his Young Dragons group was invited to present their skills at Martial Arts Festival.

In 2007 Zibi move to United Kingdom and since September 2009 teaches disabled children from Alexandra School and Hathaway Primary School, Open Group for YMAA Orientsport at St. Stephen’s Sheperd’s Bush and Tai Chi at Ealing (Tai Chi London).

Achievements and certificates:

2017: 2nd place, 3rd place (Pushing Hands)
2014: 1st place, 2nd place (Pushing Hands)
2013: 2nd, 2nd place (Team Shaolin competition)
2013: 1st place (Pushing Hands)
2013: 1st place (Pushing Hands)
2012: 1st, 3rd place (Pushing Hands)
2012: Chinese Martial Arts Coach Level 2
2012: 2nd and 3rd place
2011: 2nd place – Traditional Forms
2011-to present: Director YMAA OrientSport
2009: opening school in London – OrientSport
2004-2007: Director YMAA Nowa Huta
2004: YMAA Taiji Assistant Instructor
2000: YMAA Shaolin Assistant Instructor
2000: 2nd place – Tai Chi sword
1994: instructor Kung Fu
1989: started his Kung Fu training in YMAA

From 15th May 2011 we are again in YMAA family – Nicholas C. Yang (President YMAA International) certified YMAA OrientSport.

Zibi have over 25 years experience with Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Yang style in YMAA program and teaches Tai Chi at Ealing (West London).

  • Martial Arts Insurance
  • Extended CRB
  • Tai Chi and Kung Fu instructor certificates
  • Chinese Martial Arts Coach Level 2
  • Over 25 years experience with Tai Chi and Kung Fu
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