Tai Chi Ealing

Tai Chi Ealing classes start 7.30PM-8.30PM on Mondays (Greenford) and Thursdays (Ealing) – check TAI CHI EALING CLASSES page for details.


Tai Chi Ealing - Zibi PanasewiczZibi Panasewicz started practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi Yang style in 1989 and soon he started assisting in training sessions at the Master Robert Was school, which is the East European YMAA HQ (Cracow, Poland). Grand Master Yang Jwing-Ming certified Zibi’s own school in 2004 who’s continued teaching children (Young Dragons, 6-13 years old) and adults – Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan classes. Read more

Tai Chi Ealing - Roger MosesRoger Moses began his martial arts training in 2000 studying at the Tai Chi Tong Long Association. Two years later he started training in Northern White Crane and Southern Jow Gar at the Shaolin Gym. He continued to train at both these schools for the next 12 years. In 2010 Roger began classes at YMAA Orientsport studying Yang style Tai Chi Chuan under Zibi. He soon realised a great passion for Internal Arts. Tai Chi gradually became his focus and only training.   Read more


Tai Chi at Greenford - Paradise Fields

Tai Chi at Greenford – Paradise Fields

Tai Chi at Greenford – Paradise Fields – it’s getting hotter and is a time to go outside for Tai Chi practice. We recommend this place – lots of space, quietly. Amazing place for morning Qigong and form practice 🙂 Address: Perivale, Greenford UB6 0AD If you are a beginner

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Tai Chi Ealing - Walpole Park

Tai Chi Ealing – Walpole Park

Tai Chi Ealing – Walpole Park – we love that park, lots of space for practice, not too crowded. Close to Tai Chi Ealing classes 😉 Large public park with 2 ponds, a cafe and children’s playground, plus an 18th-century manor house. Address: Mattock Ln, London W5 5EQ If you

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When should I start my Tai Chi Ealing classes?

You can join our classes any time you want. Just come few minutes before we start so instructor can explain you rules, give short introduction what will happen on our Tai Chi Ealing class.

Tip: The later you start, the later you become Tai Chi Master 🙂

What should I wear for Tai Chi training?

We advice t-shirt, long sport trousers and shoes on soft sole, maybe trainers. Later on ask you to buy YMAA t-shirt (cost £20). 

Tip: Bring also jumper/hoodie as on beginning of training you can feel cold (Autumn, Winter).



Instructor: Zibi Panasewicz
Mobile: 07846938469
Email: zibi@orientsport.co.uk

Did you know that we practice a different QIGONG during each training session? Therefore, later you can choose the QIGONG for home training that suits you.