FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our Tai Chi Ealing classes and our school (YMAA). What to wear, when there are payments, how to behave in class.

Tai Chi classes

What should I wear for Tai Chi training?
We advice t-shirt, long sport trousers and shoes on soft sole, maybe trainers. Later on ask you to buy YMAA t-shirt (cost £20).  Tip: Bring also jumper/hoodie as on beginning of training you can feel cold (Autumn, Winter).  
When are the payments and how much cost Tai Chi Ealing?

First session is FREE 🙂

Payments should be done on beginning of the month.

Essential classes: monthly payment is £50 (once a week) or £15 per session.
Promotion: £120 (once a week) for 3 months!
Extended classes: £20 per month (or £8 per class).

YMAA annual membership: £50, we will ask you to paid it after one month since you join us. YMAA membership give you discounts on YMAA events (seminars, camp).

When should I start my Tai Chi Ealing classes?

You can join our classes any time you want. Just come few minutes before we start so instructor can explain you rules, give short introduction what will happen on our Tai Chi Ealing class.

Tip: The later you start, the later you become Tai Chi Master 🙂

Did you know that we practice a different QIGONG during each training session? Therefore, later you can choose the QIGONG for home training that suits you.