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Our Tai Chi classes are highly promoted for its health benefits, often it’s called meditation in motion. In deeper levels of Tai Chi, every movement of the sequence has a meaning, a proper alignment of the body, a pattern of breathing and an intention of the mind. Learning Tai Chi and understanding the purpose behind each movement become more and more important as a student progresses into deeper, more advanced stages of training. At advanced levels, Tai Chi also becomes a complete martial arts system. Tai Chi Chuan can explain how to control your entire body, power and mental capabilities to a level you’ve never experienced before. Read more…

Tai Chi benefits:

Muscle strength. Tai Chi can improve both lower-body strength and upper-body strength. When practiced regularly, tai chi can be comparable to resistance training and brisk walking.

Nervous System. Tai Chi offers huge benefits to our nervous systems, both central ner­ vous system and peripheral nervous system.

Flexibility. Tai Chi can boost upper- and lower-body flexibility as well as strength.

Balance. Tai Chi improves balance and, according to some studies, reduces falls.

Aerobic conditioning. Depending on the speed and size of the movements, Tai Chi can provide some aerobic benefits.

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Mental Minefields in TaijiquanApril 2, 2019 11:20 amThere are many mental factors that should be considered when practicing Taijiquan (太極拳), and the way that people naturally react mentally can become traps, especially when interacting with a partner or opponent. Addressing the mind is more familiar to many from the Zen mind approach in JapanesRead More
The Meaning of Taiji in Taiji Ball QigongFebruary 21, 2019 12:04 pmWang, Zong-yue said: What is taiji? It is generated from wuji, and is a pivotal function of movement and stillness. It is the mother of yin and yang. When it moves it divides. At rest it reunites.” From this, it is known that taiji is not wuji, and is also not yin and yang. InsteadRead More
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