Sorry guys but due to Corona virus situation our Tai Chi classes are suspended till further notice.
Hope to see you soon on training 🙂

Tai Chi Ealing

Ealing Tai Chi


Our Tai Chi classes are highly promoted for its health benefits, often it’s called meditation in motion. In deeper levels of Tai Chi, every movement of the sequence has a meaning, a proper alignment of the body, a pattern of breathing and an intention of the mind. Learning Tai Chi and understanding the purpose behind each movement become more and more important as a student progresses into deeper, more advanced stages of training. At advanced levels, Tai Chi also becomes a complete martial arts system. Tai Chi Chuan can explain how to control your entire body, power and mental capabilities to a level you’ve never experienced before. Read more…



Yang style Tai Chi

Mondays and Thurdays




Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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I have been training with YMAA for about 9 months and have found my skills and knowledge of Tai Chi have really deepened. The more I improve, the more I appreciate how much there is still to learn. I discover something new with every training session and this – along with a varied syllabus that encompasses form, qi gong, applications, pushing hands and more – means that I am always challenged, motivated and inspired. Zibi is a skilled and friendly instructor with many dedicated students. All in all, I highly recommend this school.
Nik, Student
I started Tai Chi Ealing classes with Zibi in October 2013 after practising with a different school for a few years. The class has a well designed structure and you are certain to learn something new every time. The atmosphere is great and the exercises are varied and fun, from Tai Chi Ball to Pushing Hands, martial applications and Fa Jing. Zibi is very generous with his knowledge and explains any question with clarity and a deep understanding. He is a dedicated, talented and passionate teacher who obviously loves what he does and I am very happy to be one of his students.
Lucia, Student
Training with Zibi has, I feel, improved my previous martial arts training. This fantastic school is ideal for beginners or practising martial artists who wish to understand their art at a deeper level. The more you dig the deeper you go.
Roger, Assistant instructor


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