I joined YMAA Orientsport last year. I had been with another school for over ten years and I wasn’t progressing. I am learning so much with Zibi, he’s an inspirational teacher. Everything is clearly explained in terms of practical application so it all makes sense. The other class members are committed and supportive so there’s a good atmosphere. I’d recommend this school to anyone who wants to work hard and develop their Tai Chi.
Keren, Tai Chi student
I started Tai Chi Ealing classes with Zibi in October 2013 after practising with a different school for a few years. The class is intense, Martial Art based rather than Chi Kung based, and has a set structure with a quick warm-up, a sweaty power training, partner work and Tai Chi sequence. You are certain to learn something new every week! The atmosphere is great and the exercises are varied and fun, from Tai Chi Ball to Pushing Hands, martial applications and Fa Jing. Zibi is very generous with his knowledge and explains any question with clarity and a deep understanding. He is a dedicated, talented and passionate teacher who obviously loves what he does and I am very happy to be one of his students.
Lucia, Tai Chi student



Breathing Exercises for Tai Chi
AUTHORS: David W. Grantham, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming The following will highlight some fundamental techniques required for nei gong. Nei gong is
Pictures from 2nd Bodywork workshop with Lindon Rankin
On 25th of September we had 2nd Bodywork workshop with Lindon Rankin. 5hrs of trainings focused on basic principles and techniques
Martial Grand Circulation
We always hear stories about Kung Fu (功夫) or Taijiquan (太極拳) masters who have developed incredible skills. One of the
Key Points in Taiji Pushing Hands
Almost every Chinese martial style, both external and internal, has its own hand-matching training similar to Taiji’s pushing hands. In
Chinese New Year Performance 2016
On 8th of February we celebrated Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey. Performance team: Integral Dao (Tai Chi




YMAA Orientsport is a branch of YMAA International. We offer a full Yang-style traditional syllabus at Tai Chi Ealing, from beginners to advanced level and Kung Fu Kids trainings.
For further information please contact Head Instructor, Zibi Panasewicz:

Phone:    078 469 38 469
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